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I need to use the PICO Framework for my research assignment. What is PICO?

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PICO (or PICOT) is a mnemonic device used in evidence-based practice to frame and answer clinical or health-care related questions. It can also be used to develop literature search strategies, especially systematic reviews.  It stands for:

  • P- Patient or Population or Problem
  • I- Intervention
  • C- Control/comparison
  • O- Outcome
  • T- Time (sometimes this is added to the end of PICO to represent how long it takes to demonstrate an outcome)

Our Subject Specialists have created library guides about PICO for a variety of disciplines. Search "PICO" in our library research guides and choose the guide section that aligns with your needs:  https://guides.lib.uconn.edu/srch.php?q=pico

Finding the Evidence - This tutorial for Health Sciences creates a PICO question and demonstrates search techniques in PubMed and CINAHL. 

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