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Are there AED and First Aid kits in the Babbidge Library?

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The Library has AED kits and First Aid kits throughout the building. See locations below. The Levels 1 & 3 AED’s also have “Stop the Bleed” packs. Flashlights are also included next to all First Aid kits.

AED Locations:
all AED cabinets contain a Stop the Bleed kit


Level 3 Lobby (SE corner)

Level 1 (SW side of main staircase)

Plaza Level (West Entrance)

Level A (Next to the hallway (double doors) leading to the ITE building)


Next to water fountain between Konover and the Lounge.


First Aid Kit Locations:

Public Areas:

  • Heritage Room, back cabinet (Level 4)

  • Q-Center (Level 3)

  • W-Center (2-132)

  • Maker Space (Level 1)

  • Security/Lost & Found (Plaza Level)

  • Office of the Dean (Reception Desk)

Staff Areas:

  • Humanities (Kitchen Cabinet)
  • Greenhouse Studios (Bookshelf center of room)

  • Level 1 Staff (NW Area)

  • Level 1 Staff (N Area)

  • Level 1 Staff (NE Area)

  • Husky Tech (Kitchenette Cabinet)

  • Level B Staff (Main doors to area)

  • Level B (Mail Room)

  • Dodd (inside Staff Area next to door)

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