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What kinds of study spaces are available at the Library?

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Each campus library has dedicated spaces to study.

Homer Babbidge Library

The Babbidge Library has many different types of spaces to fit your study needs.  From spaces to spread out and work, to the quiet floor with no cell reception, find the space that's right for you using the Library Study Space Guide: https://guides.lib.uconn.edu/studyspace

*Group Studies. Current UConn students can reserve group study rooms online at http://s.uconn.edu/hblgroupstudy  More information about reservation times and limits: http://lib.uconn.edu/teach-learn/rooms-public-spaces/group-studies/

*Individual Study Rooms.  Current UConn students can reserve individual study rooms online at  https://lib.uconn.edu/services/rooms-public-spaces/individual-study-rooms/

*Individual "Babbidge Booths" "Phonebooth"-style free-standing pods that are mostly soundproof, located on Plaza (4 booths), Level B (2 booths), Level 1 (4 booths), Level 2 (2 booths), Level 3 (2 booths), Level 4 (1 booth). These rooms are first-come, first-served (cannot be reserved) and have no time limit. More information: https://lib.uconn.edu/services/rooms-public-spaces/individual-study-rooms/

*Public Spaces. Headphones and noise-cancelling headphones are available for checkout at the iDesk.

*Graduate Commons. The Graduate Commons on Level 3 is a dedicated study and collaboration space for graduate students. Swipe your One Card outside the room to enter.

*Research Carrels. Researchers working on extended projects can apply for research carrels in the Babbidge Library http://www.lib.uconn.edu/about/rooms/carrels.html.

Other Campus Libraries

Music & Dramatic Arts Library/Storrs - The library has a quiet space available to 5-6 students on a first come first serve basis.

Pharmacy Library/Storrs - The library has 4 group study rooms that can be reserved online. 2-hour blocks of time available. https://uconncalendar.lib.uconn.edu/reserve/pharmacy

Avery Point -  The library has two floors with individual and group study spaces.  Sign-up is required at the Front Desk in order to reserve any room. Two hour blocks of time available. https://lib.uconn.edu/location/avery-point-campus-library/policies/

UConn Library at Hartford Public Library - **Note: Due to significant water damage sustained at the Hartford Public Library as the result of a burst pipe, the Hartford Public Library (HPL) and all UConn Library spaces located in HPL are closed to the public. Computing; collaborative-enabled; and individual & focused space are all located on the ground floor. Learning Spaces - https://lib.uconn.edu/location/hartford-campus-library/spaces/

Stamford -The library has a variety of study area options on the first and second floors. Individual study carrels and large group tables are located on all floors of the library. Study rooms must be booked using online reservation system; reservations can be made in advance.

Waterbury - Group and individual study rooms are available. Keys are checked out at the front desk for study rooms available. Rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis for 2-hour use. Check Study Room Availability online

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