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Can I bring food or drink into the library?

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Policies vary by library (see below).  In most libraries, water and other beverages are allowed if contained in a covered, spill-proof container; however no beverages are permitted near computers.

Babbidge (Storrs): Hot foods are not allowed, however we do allow some foods, like sandwiches, packaged foods, and vending-machine type candy, chips, and snacks. Acceptable beverages to have in the library are covered and spill-proof, such as travel mugs with lids and bottles with screw-on tops. No foods or beverages are permitted around public computers, video viewing stations, photocopiers, printers, or microfilm reader/printers.
Avery Point: Hot food is not allowed anywhere in the library. Water and other beverages are allowed if contained in a covered container, however beverages are not permitted near the computers.
Hartford: Food is not allowed in the library; beverages are allowed in covered containers as long as they are not near computers or any electronic equipment. Food and drinks may be enjoyed at the Kitchen at Hartford Public Library, which is located on the Main Street side of the Library.
Stamford: Food is not allowed in the library; water and other beverages are allowed in covered containers. No beverages are permitted near the computers. Food can be eaten in the campus concourse outside the library.
Waterbury: Food and drinks are not allowed near computers, scanners, or printers.  Snacks and covered beverages are permitted in other areas. Meals can be consumed in the lobby outside the library.

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